We are extremely happy with our decision to purchase our ProCar Elite electric buggy. It was great being able to choose the style and colour of the buggy to accommodate our needs. The generous storage features on the back of the 4 seater model are fantastic and make using the buggy around Sentosa extremely versatile.

The build quality and handling of the buggy make for a safe and fun experience.
People regularly comment on the appearance and handling of our buggy.

The service and aftercare have been the best customer service we have experienced in Singapore. The servicing is exceptionally thorough and nothing is too much trouble for the technicians who come out to maintain it for us. It’s totally customer focused and fuss free. Highly recommend.

Samantha Sewell

Resident, Sentosa Cove

The ProCar Elite buggy is robust and reliable. It helps my officers greatly in our daily operations. As our buggy came equipped with maintenance free batteries, we need not worry about the batteries running dry at all.

We have not had a single issue with our buggy since we purchased it some years back and my officers are able to fully concentrate on their duties, knowing that the buggy will function reliably every single day. We are very happy with our purchase as it had also enhanced our operational capabilities and at the same time, help boost the morale of my officers.

Ben Ng

Managing Director, AcePro Security Consultancy Pte Ltd